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4 Key Photos for Your Brand

Your business needs images. You have spent hours scrolling through Instagram and Pinterest looking at beautiful images just wising yours were as good. But instead of feeling inspired you feel defeated and overwhelmed you are no closer to identifying the pictures you want to take, or you have so many ideas don’t end up taking any pictures at all. Sound familiar?

Let’s break it down. You have a business and a brand and you know you need compelling images to draw in your ideal client. But what images do you actually NEED? You are your brand and your audience not only want to see what you sell but they want to see you, what you do, and where you do it as well.

For any personal brand there are four key images you should be sharing regularly with your audience

1. Posed Headshots

This can be your classic headshot. One where you are looking at the camera smiling with a solid background. Or it can be a more atmospheric headshot showing the environment and where you are working. But the key to a good headshot is making eye contact. Not only letting your audience see you, but also showing them that you see them back.

2. Candid Action Shots

Your ideal client is looking to connect with you. They want to see you at work. For them what you do everyday is fascinating. Show them some behind the scenes, some photographs of you in action doing what you do best, what you are an expert in. This is the perfect type of image to show someone your process and build trust with your audience and ideal client.

3. Atmospheric Shots

Think of these as the big picture shot. These images show the atmosphere to your audience. This could be your workshop or the other places you spend time. These are also great filler and background images for your website, social media posts, newsletters, and anywhere else you communicate with your audience.

4. Detail or Product Shots

If you sell a product you need to have amazing images to show your customers exactly what they will be getting. We all know that high-quality images lead to better sales. Even if you don’t sell a product getting detail shots of the tools you use or details of the spaces in your business add visual interest in all of your marketing materials.

Want to get months worth of on-brand images in a single day? Hire a professional branding and business photographer to get you images you and your audience will love. Send me a message to get started today.

Based out of Salt Lake City, Utah, Becca Hofmann Photography specializes in personal branding, headshot, commercial, editorial, and lifestyle portrait photography. Elevating, encouraging, and empowering entrepreneurs to share their brand stories. Creative, detailed, and genuine photography that captures the authentic you and captivates your ideal client.

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