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you have been wasting time...

from disappointing selfies to uninspired stock photos.

How much time have you spent looking for the perfect image that you could have spent growing your business? You have likely spend HOURS taking selfies trying to get the look you want. You have searched through THOUSANDS of stock images, only to find one that is "close enough" to what you want. Stop continually hoping you will come across the "right" photo, one that speaks directly to your audience and reflects you and your brand. 

Instead you could feel like this...

excited to share your on-brand images with your audience. Relaxed knowing you have a entire personal gallery and private stock images available at your fingertips wherever you are, whenever you need them. Relieved to have stunning images that are both web-optimum size and full resolution to meet all of your marketing needs and elevate your brand.

ease finding THE RIGHT IMAGE FOR every marketing need.



joy having quality images  that you actually want to use.


confidence knowing that all of your images are on-brand.

For a exclusive few

Become a yearly member. Join an exclusive group of entrepreneurs betting on themselves, believing that their business with thrive, and knowing the key to stopping the scroll is stunning on-brand imagery.

- veronica

I recently got back into music and really needed to rebrand myself as an artist. Becca did a fantastic job capturing my vision! She’s great to work with, she helps position you and helps with making you feel more comfortable in front of a camera. Becca also keeps her word and doesn’t keep you waiting on your images. I can’t wait for our next photography session!


Sometimes I look at these pictures, and I don’t even recognize myself. You managed to capture me as I want people to see me, the way I want to see myself. It helps to have this mental picture of that person, and to go after being that person.

Thank you sooooo much!


Working with Becca Hofmann Photography was a dream! We were in the process of opening an event venue and needed gorgeous images of our space. Becca did just that--and more. She told a story through the images she captured, and presented us with more than we could have hoped for. I'm confident that these photos will help us sell our space and, more importantly, the event experience. She is easy to work with, makes you feel comfortable in front of the camera, and has a talented eye. Highly recommend!

What past clients have to say

yearly on-brand images

Included in the yearly membership

Consider your search for the perfect image over. The yearly membership comes with up to 4 sessions, 200 on-brand images, 60 stock images, and 60 between-session image editing for you to use in all your marketing. That's 320 images, all with commercial use!

continued brand anaylsis

With additional sessions means we get to really breakdown what is working well for your brand, what you need more of, and what could be improved. The membership allows for each session to be more beneficial than the last.

between session image editing

Have your own images edited by me between our sessions. Every month I am happy to edit up to 5 images that you have taken. Just send them my way and within 24 hours you will have you on-brand image back and ready to use.


Gain access to a custom stock image gallery. Download up to 5 complementary images per month or purchase more if desired. Images range from landscapes to interiors. Images are added frequently and I warmly welcome requests! 

online group

Join an amazing group of entrepreneurs looking to elevate their brands. This group is solely here to support you. Ask me anything: requests for stock images, wardrobe questions, location suggestions, etc. I am here to help you succeed!


I create authentic on-brand images that capture real experiences to tell the story of your business. Worried about being in front of the camera? It's totally normal, but don't be! I'm here for you every step of the way - including confidence boosting exercises, creative direction, styling, location ideas, posing and bad dad jokes! Meeting adventurous entrepreneurs and elevating their brand drives my passion. Even in my spare time you will find me with my camera in hand exploring the stunning mountains and varied geography of Utah and the Rockies with my husband and two toddlers. 

Hi, friend! I'm Becca!

I am excited to learn about you, your brand, and how we can take it to the next level.

life is complicated enough, let's keep this simple. I have three pricing options: yearly membership, full-day, and half-day.

Not sure which is best?

Let's chat about it!

Best Value!

Peak Membership

Urban Session

Adventure Session

• 2 Hour Session
• brand analysis
• complete session planning
• 35 web and full-size digital images
• commercial usage license

• 3 Sessions in 12 months
• 100+ total web and full-size digital images per year
• brand analysis
• commercial usage license
• 60 additional image edits
• continued image analysis
• private online support group

• 4 Hour Session
• brand analysis
• complete session planning
• 50 web and full-size digital images
• commercial usage license

Sessions start at $1,500

Let's do this!

You deserve amazing brand images. 

How many sessions are included in the yearly membership?

The membership includes 3 sessions and is a mix between urban and adventure sessions. Really is is the best of both worlds! Start whenever you want, no need to wait for the new year (though that is fine too). 

you may still have questions...

Do you select my final images, how does that work?

Nope! This is a personal pet-peeve of mine, and I would HATE to select images that just aren't your favorite. You will get a proof gallery with HUNDREDS of images in which to select your final images for me to edit. This way you really are getting what you want and not what I think you want.

Can we travel beyond Salt Lake City, Utah for our sessions?

Absolutely! I LOVE to travel and traveling to make your dream session a reality is one of my favorite things. Give extra time when booking your session so we can be sure to figure out the logistics of making your travel session a reality! 

How does a membership really help me?

You will be relieved and excited, knowing you get a continuous flow of authentic on-brand imagery, that alone will relieve stress and allow you to focus on other parts of your business. Additionally, after your first session we will analyze the images created the first time and continually refine our process to be sure we are getting what you REALLY are need to elevate your brand.

Wait, I get more images between sessions?

You sure do. You get up to 60 additional edited images for FREE! I know that your need for images doesn't stop at our session. Snap a photo with your phone or camera and either email or text it to me. I will gladly edit up to 5 of your images per month to match your brand and keep you going until our next session. 

How do you support me after our session?

I will be your biggest cheerleader, sharing your business and telling the world how wonderful you are. Additionally, you will join my excusive online members group where you can ask for support and request stock images for me to create. You will also meet other amazing entrepreneurs all ready to support one another.

Let's do this!

You deserve amazing brand images. 

Elevated brand, headshot, and business photography in Salt Lake City, Utah